The Reality of Eating Animals

One of the largest subdivisions in the state of New Mexico, Eldorado, just went through an electoral fight by which it was determined that residents CAN own chickens!!! Here's my current "Permaculture in Practice" column about the issue.

The saga continues here at the house...We've now moved the remaining birds to a cool new coop further from the neighbors, the chickens have more-or-less stopped their racket, but my eldest son will no longer eat chicken meat. Thanks to his witnessing the event, he still calls me a murderer once in awhile. I hope that one day his experience of Blacky and our homemade chicken soups allows him to understand the reality of the world we live in and that eating meat is actually (as an old girlfriend used to tell me) "eating animal." Since this is in fact the case, it's far better to eat meat from your own backyard than to eat if from a polluting and otherwise-menacing factory farm.

11/27/2012 | Children | Community | Ecology | Edibles | Energy Savings | Outdoor Living | (0) Comments

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