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Lettuce Prey (But to Whom?)

Sometimes we kneel. Other times we bend over for these suckers. Even after we've picked 'em, we wouldn't always bet we know their names--for certain--especially since all of these backyard 'lactuca sativa' plants came back from last year's crops.

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A Letter from Senator Tom Udall

Nice handwritten letter from US Senator Tom Udall thanking me for my book, Harvest the Rain. Please give (time or money) to his campaign if you can. We need him in DC.

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Planting the Right Trees for an Urban Environment


I came across this interesting article talking about how not all trees react the same way to pollution in our cities.  It turns out some can contribute more than others when it comes to ozone.

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Work Is Pollution

Everybody's favorite permaculture principle is "Work is pollution." This 32 sq. ft. bed provides lots of healthy yumminess, but 90% of what you see required no sowing or planting this year!

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Infinity in a Flower

Yesterday was a rather big Bloomsday, so in honor of the 100th anniversary of the events that take place in James Joyce's "Ulysses," I thought I'd share a bloom or two from our garden. These blossoms are not traditionally "beautiful" flowers, but they point to the endless cycle of life and stretch the concept of what it means to be pretty and what it means to be alive. In the coming days, I'll post many more "attractive" flower photos all taken on the same day (last Friday after a lovely rain) in our garden. The images in this album are less about eye candy and more about mind candy. Enjoy.

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Water Conservation for Locals

In a more recent edition of Bienvenidos we had a guide that had tips on how local residents can conserve water.

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Carrying Momentum

"Unlike a car, getting a bike started from a standstill requires a lot of energy from the rider. Once it's going, the bike's own momentum carries it forward, so it requires much less energy."

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Hail the Hail

Thanks to Liam Downey for helping me cover up the garden before the storm!

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Coming to Dallas

Looking forward to teaching water harvesting in Dallas at the end of June. Please share with your Texas peeps!

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Loving Water: Preserve, Protect and Drink

A magazine produced by the Green Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Fe New Mexican featured a fun article I wrote about water conservation. Check out the chamber's directory of local businesses that support the principles of permaculture.


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