Nate Downey

Nate Downey

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July 10, 2012: Our new PermaDesign website is online - go check it out. And be sure to try out the new Roofwater Calculator. You can instantly calculate the potential roofwater harvest from your property.




September/October 2011

“Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes — one for peace and one for science.” —John F. Kennedy

The problems associated with water comprise one of the most serious challenges facing today’s world. It is not an overstatement to say that water is essential to life and without water, clean water, we face profound threats to sustainable economic growth, agriculture, personal and community health, and even escalating conflicts between peoples and nations. When we ask “how can we begin to effectively deal with the problems of water,” we can take to heart many of the principles and practices of Nate Downey’s new book, “Harvest the Rain.”


West Coast Tour Dates

9/24 Boulder, UT, all-day workshop, True Nature Farm
9/26-29 Portland, OR, annual ARCSA conference
9/28 Portland, OR, 6:30pm presentation, TaborSpace
9/29 Portland, OR, 2pm workshop, ARCSA conference
10/1 Portland, OR, all-day workshop, Planet Repair
10/2 Eugene, OR, 6pm presentation, Maitreya Ecovillage
10/3 Ashland, OR, morning talk at an undisclosed location
10/5 Arcata, CA, evening, Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
10/6 Willits, CA, 6pm presentation, the Grange
10/7 Lakeport, CA, 3-5pm book signing, Watershed Books
10/8 Lucerne, CA, Oktoberfest, Lucerne Harbor Park
10/8 Hopland, CA, 6-8pm talk, Solar Living Center
10/9 Oakland, CA, half-day workshop, Merritt College
10/10 Healdsburg, CA, private landscape consultation
10/10 Windsor, CA, 7pm presentation at Town Council Chambers
10/12 Santa Cruz, CA, 7pm presentation, Green Space
10/13 Berkeley, CA, 7-9pm book signing, Builders Book Source
10/14 San Francisco, CA, 1pm panel, Slow Money conference
10/14 Berkeley, CA, 7-9pm talk at Berkeley Ecology Center
10/15 San Rafael, CA, all day at the 22nd annual Bioneers Conference
10/16 San Francisco, CA, private landscape consultation
10/17 Big Sur, CA, 8-10pm presentation for Esalen Institute
10/18 San Luis Obispo, CA, 6:30-8:30pm talk, Public Library
10/19 Santa Barbara, CA, 11am-noon, SBCC Farmers' Market
10/19 Ojai, CA, 7-8:30pm talk, Chaparral Auditorium
10/20 Meiners Oaks, CA, 9:30-11am, Farmer & the Cook
10/20 Santa Barbara, CA, 7-9:30 talk, SB Public Library
10/21 Ventura, CA, evening talk, Ventura Public Library
10/22 Santa Barbara, CA, 12-1pm talk, SB Botanical Gardens
10/22 Los Olivos, CA, evening presentation for Los Olivos Grange
10/23 San Diego, CA, private landscape consultation
10/24 San Diego, CA, presentation for local permaculture group
10/25 North Hills, CA, 7-10pm, Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist
10/26 Westchester, CA, evening talk at an undisclosed location
10/28 Los Angeles, CA, late-night party, Café Club Fais Do-Do
10/29 Long Beach, CA, 2pm talk, Long Beach Public Library
10/30 Los Angeles, CA, private landscape consultation

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Harvest The Rain Book
Nate Downey is writing a new book ... coming soon.