Appealing Properties


Real-estate professionals talk of “curb appeal.” At PermaDesign, we push for something much greater. The goal is to display six or seven forms of beauty throughout the landscape. All of this beauty is designed to draw people into the garden and get them excited about the fullness of their experience.


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Appealing landscapes should stimulate all your senses — not just your eyes.

Of course, we believe stunning visual beauty should be one of every landscape designer’s primary goals, but we want pleasing fragrances, too. We want the sweet sounds of songbirds to join us in the garden. We want luscious tastes and inviting benches tucked in under some shade, protected from the wind. We want healthy, happy bodies and souls nourished by the nutritious, unprocessed fruits of our landscapes. Above all, we want that kind of ultimate beauty that goes beyond mere attractiveness and into the beautiful of an ethical goodness, deeply rooted in a sustainable landscape.