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Water Conservation for Visitors

From the latest "Bienvenidos" magazine of the Santa Fe New Mexican, here's part of my article providing water-saving tips for visitors of our great city.

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Save Our Hens

From my latest Permaculture in Practice column, I talk about the recent ruling in the Eldorado chicken case.


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Victory in Vermont

I hope NM isn't next because our next legislative session is not until next year. There will be other states, I trust, between now and then, but NM let's follow the lead of VT, CT, and those who stand against the monopolization of food.  Read more at:

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An Interview with Hollis

Back on April 28th I talked to Hollis Walker about many things having to do with permaculture.  Click the last audio link at the bottom of the page for the interview.

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Extending the Seasons

Today is the traditional last day of frost in our area.  Covering your plants can help retain that little bit of ground heat gained during the day.  I’ve added a few pictures of the backyard to give you an idea what has helped our plants make it through the cold. Unfortunately, that nice apple tree was too big to cover this year, and it looks as if the last frost came in and froze every blossom. 

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Water Tanks Never Looked So Beautiful!

Our friends over at RainVessels have some great designs available in just about any size. 

More info at

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Cool It!

24 years since the Earth Day 1990 "Cool It" campaign, it's official. We didn't cool it.

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Remember! It’s Bike to Work Week!

Hope to see you guys out there on the streets!

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Be a Water-Smart Landscaper

Below is an excellent article from Trends magazine.  It has some great information and insights on where our water comes from and how to be wise in our efforts to conserve this precious resource.

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Everyone Can Harvest from the Skies

Going back through an old issue of Sustainable Santa Fe, I ran across this article I had written about water harvesting. It talks about how there is something just about everyone can do to the catch this valuable resource.  I’ve scanned and posted it below.

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