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The 31 flavors of landscape design

Our client questionnaire has always been invaluable over the years. Here’s my latest column on the subject.

Full-blown permaculture design requires long and protracted observation. Unfortunately, few people want to pay some eco-freak to wander around their property at all hours of the day and night, through every season of the year. I’ve been designing and installing landscapes professionally for 24 years, and no one has ever had that much patience — or cash.

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River Talk & Workshop

Water is flowing in the Santa Fe River. Enjoy it while you can! Tomorrow at 9am, you'll also be able to see and learn how green-infrastructure projects are evolving along the banks of the Santa Fe. Hands-on activities for an hour, too, so don't dawdle. Get out there!

When and where:
Tomorrow at 9 AM - 11 AM
River Road (off W. Alameda at the Calle Don Jose & River Road intersection)

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The Arroyo Chamiso

It’s great to see this project coming together.  The old arroyo, often simply used as a drain, is coming to life as a member of the community again. With the Interior Department's plans to sell public lands to polluters, it's nice to know the opposite is occurring at the local level thanks to Erin English, Neil Williams, Melissa McDonald, and the Santa Fe Watershed Association.  See the article here.

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