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PermaDesign Mulch Calculator Help

Welcome to the PermaDesign Mulch Calculator

Approximate the amount of mulch you need to cover surfaces in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Find your Property
  • Enter the location of your site into the lookup box, autocomplete suggestions will be offered.
  • Once the address is fully entered hit the Locate Site button.
  • The map will zoom to your location and display a marker and a brief info window.
  • Use the Pan and Zoom buttons on the map or your mouse to optimize your view.

Note: only sites within the Continental US are supported.

Step 2: Outline and Edit Surfaces
  • Click the Draw button to begin outlining surfaces.
  • Click on the map on a corner of the desired surface and an initial point will be drawn.
  • Click on the additional corners of the building to trace the rest of the surface.
  • To close the surface re-click the first point placed or double-click the last point while placing.
  • Multiple surfaces can be outlined one after another.
  • Switch to Edit mode to modify surfaces by dragging highlighted boxes.
  • Each placed line will also contain a mid-point that can be dragged to generate new sides for the surface.
  • While in edit mode the last change made can be undone by clicking the undo icon next to the modified point.
  • You can also switch back and forth between Draw mode and Edit mode to add and edit additional surfaces.
Step 3: Review and Customize Results
  • Surfaces can be given custom names by clicking on the surface name and renaming.
  • The preferred units can be set either before or after drawing surfaces.
  • Any unwanted surfaces can be deleted at any time by click the 'delete' icon in the surface list.
Step 4: Save Results
  • You can print numerical results by clicking the "Print" button.
  • It is also easy to take a screen shot and save your work.
  • You can then email or print your results from that file.
Step 5: Share Site
  • Share the tool on popular social media sites by clicking the relevant icon.
  • You may be requested to log into your social media account.
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Display units: Mulch needed assumes a 3-inch mulch-depth.

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