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Bike N Sport

Since 1998, Bike N Sport has been an excellent source of bikes, parts, and knowledge. Whether you need a tube or a completely new bike the friendly staff will help you keep peddling your way to a healthier life and environment. Don't forget Bike to Work Week this year from May 15-19.

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SLIDE 8: The Roofwater Calculator Step One (Part 2)

Step One (Part 2): Type your address in the box labeled, “Find your property?”

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SLIDE 7:  The Roofwater Calculator Step One (Part 1)

This is a good example of permaculture’s principle, “make the least change for the greatest possible effect.” Instead of grabbing your tape measures, hopping in your car, filling up the tank with gas, driving out to the site, being distracted by clients or other activity at the site, measuring data, recording data, driving back, inputting data, and finally calculating your data so that it becomes useful information that then needs to be converted into a presentable form for your spouse, supervisor, crew, or client—instead of all that. With this FREE tool you can discover not only the square footage of any site in the continental United States, but in a total of half-a-minute or less you can determine how much precipitation lands on a given surface in an average year.

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Celebrating 20 Years

For 20 years the Santa Fe Watershed Association has been protecting the river that is at the heart and soul of Santa Fe. Advocating for the river to remain, as a living vibrant place not only make sense ethically, but logically as well, the river cools the air and recharges the aquifer that lies beneath.


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High Country News

In circulation since 1970, High Country News has been providing an environmental perspective on wide range of topics from recreation to politics. It has an excellent website full of information.

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Rainwater Harvesting Group

The Rainwater Harvesting Group provides a wide array of solutions for homes, businesses and municipalities.  Based in Huntington Station, NY, The Rainwater Harvesting Group specializes in the integration of water capture/storage and water features. The company serves the Long Island, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.


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Daily Acts

Since 2002, Daily Acts has been helping to build locally resilient communities by inspiring and collaborating with citizens. With hands-on education and the creation of media, Daily Acts continues to provide an ever-expanding base of empowered people and resources.  More information can be found at

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SLIDE 6:  Roofwater Calculator

After a one-sentence-or-three tour of the home page, we dive into PermaDesign’s computerized pride and joy--our Roofwater Calculator.

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The Urban Farm

The folks over at The Urban Farm can help you take charge of your own food production. This healthy decision is facilitated by an array of resources including a free eBook, blog, and videos.  The how-to information is packaged such that no matter where you live there is always room for a farm.


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Capturing Stormwater

Melissa is featured in this Santa Fe New Mexican article regarding stormwater. Stormwater Harvesting in Santa Fe just got a big boost from the EPA.  The city received a toolkit from the EPA worth about $150,000 for managing stormwater pollution.  The plan is to develop a model that sees stormwater as a resource while protecting the watershed from its polluting effects.

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