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Water Is a Right, But Is It?

Global military expeditures run about $1.76 trillion per year according to the UN, but it would only take $10 to $30 billion to provide water to the 720 million people in need--More from Maude Barlow in this recent article in the 'Toronto Star.'

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Harvest the Rain With a Garden

From my latest Permaculture in Practice column:

At the top of a precipitous driveway in a pristine native landscape, a sharp-roofed house pops up proudly behind a splash of Russian sage. With genuine smiles still concealing trepidation, my new clients lead me through the living room, past a large dinner table, and out some glass doors to the edge of a vast crater. “What would you do with that?” they asked, pointing to a hole the size and shape of an overturned school bus.

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