Compost Happens


Which kind of composting sytem is right for your lifestyle? There are three types of compost piles: the traditional “hot” compost, which you feed regularly with kitchen scraps. the ‘John Jeavons-style’ “cold” compost pile, which you build and/or turn seasonally with collected materials, and there’s the compost pile that you purchase.


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Smart layering can bring delicious results.

Obviously, importing large quantities of compost gets expensive pretty quickly, but some sites, especially after construction, require plenty of imported compost that gets mixed deep into the ground before any plant gets planted. Make sure you place your compost pile out of the wind, in some shade, and near a reliable source of water. Especially in dry climates, it makes sense to cover your piles with a layer of straw mulch or leaves. This mulch layer on top of your pile will help retain moisture in the pile, and this moisture is the essential ingredient in successful composting.