Grading & Drainage


Back when we got started 20 years ago, our attorney provided a contract that prevented us from being held liable for “drainage issues of any kind.” We immediately took out that language. Just as a judge is charged with delivering justice, landscapers should strive to provide a site that drains properly.


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Dry climate or wet, we can help you find drainage opportunities to exploit.

Especially in dry climates, but also in wet ones, we see drainage management as an act of finding opportunities to exploit. Our approach is to direct stormwater to the right places in landscapes and to put runoff water, a mostly neglected resource, to beneficial use. In this way, we increase the value of a given property as we reduce the costs of watering and maintenance. On most sites, proper drainage can be achieved by grading (or sloping) the property effectively at one-eighth of an inch per foot. (See also “Erosion Control” and “Passive Water Harvesting” in this portfolio.)