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They call this "breaking news," but it's a heartbreaking old story based on the confusion of two concepts: the value of a thing and things we value. We need a new ethic, or rather we need to bring back an indigenous land ethic that sees damage to land as damage to self.



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Georgia Organics!

Psyched to be speaking today at this cool conference in Athens, GA. Could be more than cool--with possibilities of snow in the mountains. My co-presenter is a farmer in Rabun County where it's technically rainforest. Ladybug Farms has a back-up well but relies mostly on rain catchment!

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Support Senator Peter Wirth Today in the New Mexico Capital Room 311

Join me, Sen. Peter Wirth, and others today, 3pm, NM capitol, Rm 311, as we push for a transferable water-harvesting tax-credit in NM.

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Know Your Wind Rose!

Wind Rose Plots are a great way to view information about wind direction in a given area.  The image and link below represent the Santa Fe Airport’s wind direction, and while individual locations in the area can vary a great deal, the plot does tell us the predominant winds come for the North and Southwest.  In my book Harvest the Rain I talk about the importance of windbreaks and their effectiveness in conserving water.  The link below is nice because you can go through month by month and see how to best orient your windbreak strategies.

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Burns Needed

Eco-Friends: You'll find my letter to the editor about controlled burns and Aldo Leopold's positive thoughts about them in today's "New Mexican." It's the second letter at the link below (but I will also post it in the comments just in case).

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Dam Good Riddance

It’s good to see the acceleration of dam removal recently.  Just last year over 730 miles of rivers and streams were freed up.

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