Outdoor Living


As our cultural priorities change, many of us are seeking solace in our own backyards, front yards, and side yards. Many of us have spent a couple of generations stuck indoors watching television, and whether we realize it or not, we’re sick of it. We’re ready for a fresh perspective.


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Seeking solace is simpler with beautiful, enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Even if gardening and sustainability aren’t our things, we are increasingly starting to rediscover the joys of the environment right outside our big picture windows. Some of us wish to entertain large groups of family and friends. Others just want a magic spot to read, chat, or relax. Many of us want places for both. Hey, we’ve paid a lot of money for our little parcel of paradise, and we might as well enjoy it. We see the landscape as an extension of the home, where creating outdoor rooms (no matter how rustic or refined) is one of landscape design’s primary jobs.