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PermaDesign's Services and Products

PermaDesign Services and Products
More than anything, we want our designs to come to successful fruition in the field. We also want the installation process to run smoothly, to stay budget, and to get done on time. Our referral service has been created for this purpose.


Although we cannot take responsibility for others, we are always delighted to connect clients and contractors in “good fits.” This is not to say that we can prevent conflict between clients and contractors, but we are available to help with the process of discovery and vetting.

PermaDesign work on the Presidio.

Because we do not want our clients to skimp on finding the best contractor for the installation of our designs, our consultation and design clients get 50% off our regular hourly rate (up to 8 hours per month) for our research time associated with helping you find qualified local professionals. Click here to get started.

PermaDesign AutoCAD diagram.