Perma360: The PermaDesign Portfolio

Perma360, the PermaDesign Portfolio

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Active Water Harvesting

Our approach to precipitation enlivens landscapes and makes them more productive.

Appealing Properties

Real-estate professionals preach about "curb appeal." We strive for something better.


Companion Plantings

When plant species are selected to work effectively as a group, your garden benefits.

Compost Happens

Soil building is often the first and most rewarding step for creating a healthy property.


Edibles Everywhere

Edible plants are beautiful, and beautiful plants often improve the health of edibles.

Erosion Control

When soil erodes, land values shrink. We reverse this cycle by helping nature heal herself.


Grading & Drainage

Stormwater projects can be attractive, inexpensive, and effective, but they require smart design.

Greywater Recycling

Reusing wastewater in your garden can be easy, safe, and productive. Learn more!


Kids in the Garden

Most children need to get outside more often. What encouraging strategies are right for you?

Lawn Alternatives

It’s time to reexamine our reverence for the American lawn. There several great alternatives.


Mulching Materials

On bare soil, mulch protects your property from sun, winds, and heavy rains. Use it!

Outdoor Living

Most people like to enjoy the great outdoors in reasonable comfort. We love to help them.


Passive Water Harvesting

Most people like to enjoy the great outdoors in reasonable comfort. We love to help them.

Shade & Energy Savings

Trees are a big part of the answer when it comes to creating comfortable oases.


Your Business

PermaDesign works with businesses on multiple professional levels. Click here to find out more.


Your landscape will be empty if exposed to strong winds. Is there a windbreak in your future?