Erosion Control


Especially in a recession, but in any economic environment, not much is worse than watching your valuable property erode away—especially when the fix can be easy. Our philosophy is to start at the top, the highest point on the land, and begin to slow the flow of runoff immediately.


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Making the most of your slope maintains and beautifies your property.

We also look at the sources of stormwater that may be creating an erosion “problem.” Roads, roofs, and even vegetated slopes can cause serious soil loss, so PermaDesign works to provide both short- and long-term fixes. Whenever possible we suggest a ‘soft approach’ that costs less money, uses fewer resources, and creates the most aesthetically pleasing and productive result. We focus on root zones and moisture as opposed to concrete and rebar, so that even on steep slopes we can quickly prevent structures from sliding off of hillsides—at an affordable price! Here’s a short video example of this concept.