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Tune in Sunday September 10th

I'm looking forward to my Journey Santa Fe talk on Sunday, October 8th but I am also looking forward to this talk a few weeks earlier (Sunday, September 10) featuring Tony Anella, founder of the Aldo Leopold writing program. Both events start at 11am.

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SLIDE 61: Before View to East

Here is a series of before pictures of a recent project that required the stabilization of a steep slope. In addition to being steep, note that it is also rocky. Other factors to consider were that access was narrow and steep, materials-storage space was limited, and the deck was schedule to be extended further from the existing residence.

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2017 ARCSA Conference

This year The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association will be hosting its annual conference in Orlando, Florida, October 16-18. With a wide variety of presentations from microbiomes to water tank design in Australia this year’s gathering looks to be interesting and informative. New Mexico Water Collaborative Founder and Executive Director Yvette Tovar will be speaking on Tuesday the 17th.


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Zia Permaculture Course!

Hurry! This course starts soon. I’m a big fan of the work these guys do.

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SLIDE 60: Tessellation Not Desolation

Choosing a favorite pattern would be a lot like picking a favorite child--hard for most people to do, but tessellation has a certain place in my heart because it’s the least well-known pattern. Tessellation, however, is no less important than any of the other patterns, and in fact in many situations, such as steep slopes, it’s essential to apply tessellation. The pictures above define tessellation better than any words can, but think of tessellation as a pattern that repeats shapes, often of a similar size, and usually within a limited size range. Fish scales are a great example for helping people think about tessellation, and we mimic the fish-scale pattern on steep slopes, like the one in the following example.

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SLIDE 59: The Shade Tree

Finally, what would a patio in the southwest be without a shade tree? The answer, my friends, is maybe a breakfast nook—if you are lucky. Most patios in the high desert require shade, or people will not use them after 11am. Sorry, it’s a little blurry, but please note the shade tree (locust for low-water needs and dappled-shade effect) here, on the southwest side of the patio.

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IPC India 2017


The International Permaculture Conference and Convergence will be held in India this year from November 25th to December 2nd. With over 1000 participants from 100 countries this year’s convergence is sure to be an in-depth exploration and sharing of all things permaculture.


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SLIDE: 58 Seventeen Inches

The height of most folding chairs seems to be 17” (such as the boulder at center), so I think it makes sense to have boulder seating at that height, but with multiple-aged and multiple-sized visitors, these boulders can provide seating for kids as well. (boulder at right). It’s very important to settle your boulders , so you can see underneath them. This is not necessarily important for functionality, but it is very important from an aesthetic perspective.

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SLIDE 57: Horno Cometh, Too!

Just above the patio you’ll see some fruit trees on either side of the path. Look carefully and you’ll pick out some other edibles like strawberries, rhubarb, fennel, and Egyptian walking onions. Just out side the client’s backdoor is a space for an herb spiral which the client intends to install on his own.

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Journey Santa Fe October 8th

I’m delighted to be representing the Economics of Happiness Conference at Collected Works Bookstore one week prior to the event. Thanks to Collected Works and Journey Santa Fe for the opportunity to promote the conference.  See you Sunday, October 8th at 11:00. And also at the panel discussion Saturday, October 14th at 3:00.

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