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Drought Susceptible

As temperatures rise across the globe long-term drought is becoming more of a reality for many of us moving forward.  Most of us in New Mexico remember the awful bark beetle infestation that started during one of our more severe droughts years ago and continues to this day.  Seeing this happen more and more across the Western U.S. reminds us that even in years where we have normal precipitation the affects of water stress in the past will manifest itself for years to come.  Here's an article about 100,000,000 tress being lost in California as a result of recent drought.

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SLIDE 1:  Why Harvest the Rain?

Here is the slide that greeted people at my recent presentation at the 2016 Association of Professional Landscape Designers conference. As my presentation has evolved over the years, I have been consistent in using this slide  At the outset of my presentation in order to get some audience participation, I ask the question (above in grey) and it’s always interesting to hear the same responses come our in unique ways.. Tune in next week for the next slide.

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Indigenous Varieties

This holiday season, let us not forget where much of what we have came from or lose sight of where it is going. I saw this article on NPR about a man his backyard and the four sisters.

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Larry Littlebird at the 2016 Biodynamic Conference

I am looking forward to many of the talks that will be part of the big biodynamics conference in Santa Fe later this week, but Larry Littlebird's morning talk this Friday probably tops the list.

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Roofwater Calculator


Here's a short video that guides you through the why and hows of PermaDesign's FREE Roofwater Calculator.

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Seed: The Untold Story

I’m excited to see our own local connection Emigdio Ballon being a part of this great movie premiering in Santa Fe. Hope everyone has a chance to see this in-depth conversation about one of humanity’s disappearing resources. It will be at the Jean Cocteau this Wednesday.

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Death is the father of duty

The progenitor of permaculture, Bill Mollison, who died on September 24 at the age of 88, avoided the spiritual arena with a healthy passion. Without mercy, he would brashly challenge any and all claims as to the existence of the paranormal. “Aye, fairy worship!” he’d protest with a snort and a hyperbolic roll of his wide eyes.

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Camino de Paz

For more than a decade, our friends over at the Montessori middle school Camino de Paz have been instructing young adults in academics and farming.  This type of experiential learning provides a great foundation for students to stand on, and provides a deeper understanding of the connections between land and learning.


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