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As environmental concerns drive people off of their couches and into their gardens, satellite imagery and pocket-sized video cameras allow people to share site conditions like never before. But you won’t get far in creating your own backyard paradise without a plan. We can help!


One of PermaDesign's AutoCAD designs for a client.From a courtyard wanting ideas to a ranch in need of a complete redesign, we offer a variety of landscape-design options that can direct your project toward successful completion.

Our designs help people understand the potential that exists on their property and how they can attain it. Whether you are a home owner with a strong desire to improve the value of your property or you happen to be a busy landscape contractor with little time to design projects, one of our landscape-design options is for you. Click here to get started.

Project Assessment is the least expensive design option we provide, and you can customize your own assessment to fit within your budget. Maybe you want to know more about the resources passing through your land. With increasing heat and lack of humidity, most properties are stressed.Perhaps you want to have a better sense of the challenges that your project might face. It could be that you are in the market to buy some property, but first you want to compare the positives and negatives of each parcel from a PermaDesign perspective.

From local precipitation data and regional soil conditions to plant-hardiness zones and seasonal sun patterns, you can be the master of the high-impact forces affecting your land. Click here to order a project assessment for your property.

Conceptual Design provides landscape options for most outdoor spaces. Typically, these options involve the placement, size, and shape of important landscape features. Pathways, patios, garden beds, compost piles, shade trees, and privacy screening are just a few examples of some of the features that can have a profound impact on the success or failure of a landscape redesign. At PermaDesign, we know that the proper placement and sizing of water harvesting systems, windbreaks, and fruit-tree guilds can make or break the efficiency and productivity of a given landscape. Click here to order a conceptual design for your property.

Water feature in a PermaDesign landscape design.

Master Planning typically includes a minimum of four hours of landscape consultation, which involves an extensive client-interview process. At the end of the planning process, you’ll get a detailed and comprehensive plan that includes drawings, materials lists, and a proposed schedule for the installation of the project. Master plans can also include installation specifications and budget analysis.

In order to save additional money and to improve the quality of the end product, clients will be given the opportunity to take measurements and provide other data, but sometimes local contractors, licensed surveyors, and other data-collection professionals are necessary for the successful completion of the plan. Click here to order a master plan for your property.

Installation Specifications can be drawn up for various types of projects, from complex water harvesting systems that store thousands of gallons of water to simple sheet-mulching applications. On some projects, detailed specifications are critical for a successful project, but at other times paid-for specs can be “overkill” and unnecessary. In many cases, locally licensed engineers, architects, landscape architects, or experienced contractors will be called on to approve installation specifications.

Every project has a budget, we work with you to make your project efficient and affordable.Budget Analysis Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle. No matter what you intend to spend to improve your particular piece of paradise, we offer ecological landscape design for nearly every budget. We can also help you determine your budgetary priorities and give you a sense of the costs involved when you invest in a water-storage system, an irrigation system, a patio that expands your outdoor-living space, a fountain, a planting plan, or various other options.