Edibles Everywhere


Perhaps more than anything else, our focus for the last 20 years on edible landscaping makes PermaDesign particularly poised as a landscape consultancy for the new economy of the 21st century. Even our focus on water harvesting has a basis in our belief that the global landscape must change toward something more sustainable.


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Growing your own food attracts everyone in the family!

What’s especially exciting is that edible gardens can fit right into an attractive, visually appealing landscape. Rather than sequestering all of the edible plants into a square back corner of your property, we believe many edibles work well in combination with non-edible ornamentals. We are also major proponents of food forestry, herb spirals, keyhole gardens, raised beds, hoop houses, cold frames, greenhouses, waffle gardens, fruit-tree guilds, cover cropping, sheet mulching, double digging, bean tipis, sunflower houses, urban chickens, backyard bee-keeping, grape arbors over patios, and bunny cages intentionally built to deliver fresh nitrogen directly into compost piles underneath.