Thanks to everyone who has made this site one of the most beautiful, hopeful, and helpful places on the Internet. First, we want to thank our clients. Since we started Santa Fe Permaculture in 1992, you've been wonderful, and you've also allowed us to take and use the pictures here. For making all of these places, people, objects, and concepts look so attractive, we thank these photographers:

Charles Mann
Jennifer Esperanza
Francesca Yorke
Melanie West
Garret Vreeland
Corinna See
Megan Zeigler
Tunia Hyland
Jobyl Boone

As the illustrator for Harvest the Rain, George Lawrence needs special recognition for his artistry. Sunstone Press, for the production of the book. The great folks at Cinevision, who made our videos, have been close to heroic. Three other contributors to this site who deserve our deep gratitude are

Array Design Studio
M Channel

Finally, we would like to thank Google Earth and the Prism Data Group at Oregon State University for data used by our Roofwater Calculator.