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Get advice by email, phone, video, or on-site consultation.
You may have a simple question and just need a second opinion. Maybe you have several challenging problems that need a fresh perspective. If you are like most of our clients, before anyone pulls a shovel out of a truck, you want to be sure that thoughtful consideration of a wide variety of landscape-oriented questions has been done. You know that money can be saved, property values can grow, and pleasure can be attained with wise landscaping decisions.


Before and After PermaDesign work.

Perhaps you know your property could be more comfortable, beautiful, or productive. It could be that you are sure your real-estate investment could be better protected from fire, flood, wind, soil erosion, and other natural challenges. You’re just not sure where to start. Whatever your motivations, we’d be happy to help you improve your little parcel of paradise. Click here to get started.

PermaDesign guilds and companion plantings.Telephone consultations are available for people who would prefer to verbally discuss their landscape plans, questions, situations, challenges, and desired outcomes. Even a brief conversation with an ecological landscaping professional can be extremely productive. (Please note that consultation calls must be scheduled in advance.) We divide telephone consultation into two categories: quick calls and focused discussions. Click here to submit your client questionnaire and any supporting documents. We will get back to you shortly.

Video conferencing is the latest form of consultation. Live video calls (using providers like Skype and Facetime) assist in communicating ideas and feelings and can enhance understanding. As a visual medium, video can increase the level of precision associated with our advice. Web conferencing with services like GoToMeeting are available and add to detailed communication with on-screen graphics, computer-assisted designs, charts, time lines and other visuals that can accompany the live conference call. Click here to submit your client questionnaire and any supporting documents. We will get back to you shortly.

On-site consultations can be arranged upon request, and the team at PermaDesign is always available to discuss availability, schedule, and costs. Click here to submit your client questionnaire and any supporting documents. We will get back to you shortly.

Whether you plan to schedule an email, phone, video, or on-site consultation, we will ask a variety of questions designed to save you time and, in the end, to increase the value of your property. Over the course of 20 years, we have honed and refined our questionnaire process, so that our clients are afforded a number of convenient ways for providing valuable input.

PermaDesign's handy and instructive questionnaire.

Although there are only a few questions that you will be required to answer, we encourage clients to answer as many questions as they can. Our interactive forms can be completed typically in one sitting, but please know that the more questions you answer, the better we can serve your needs and desires, as well as the needs and desires of the land itself. Our questions are formulated to put your consultation into the site-specific context of your project. To do this effectively, we often need to know information about how you see your own property, your personal goals, and your top priorities. The PermaDesign questionnaire streamlines this knowledge-gathering process and adds to project-management effectiveness during the installation process.

Many questions are “yes/no/maybe,” while others require that you prioritize your needs and desires. Keep in mind that you can always keep your answers very short and/or skip questions that seem irrelevant to your situation. Click here to get started.