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An Edict on Climate Change

Looking forward to the Pope's big announcement about the reality of climate change.

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Today’s Daily Dirt

I was happy to be invited to present at the Georgia Organics Conference in Athens. Then it was cool to be teamed up with a real farmer whose main source of water is a couple of cisterns. Next, it was fun previewing the presentation while answering questions for something called The Daily Dirt...But to be shared by a page known as FuckYeahPermaculture!?! I must say, I'm borderline verklempt.

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Having Good Boundaries

Did you know the West was railroaded into its Cartesian geography? John Wesley Powell had it right. Watershed boundaries would have helped us understand and protect our most vital resource.

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What 1 in 10 Cannot Access…

The Atlantic published a lucid and fast-paced history of drinking water with a nod to water harvesting at the very end.

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