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SLIDE 48: Patio as Resource

Finally, we knew that the patio that the client wanted to create was located in a depression (near center of slide above yellow tree) that they had dug previous to our arrival on site. In addition to reshaping this relatively protected outdoor space, we added a drain and a pipe designed to divert stormwater (not only from the patio but from the garden beds and pathway that will pour water onto the patio in a large rain event) to a daylight point and swale near the windbreak. This provides a third source of water harvested from the site for the all important windbreak.

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SLIDE 47: Trench-Town Roots

All of this work will delivery water to the roots of the plant material located near the wick (colored here).

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SLIDE 46: Crossing the Road

The clients wanted vehicular access to the horno patio, so that meant that this wick has a section of non-perforated pipe in between the perforated parts. See how the low end of this wick will provide water (blue line) to the windbreak species from above the greywater’s branches (purple lines)

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2017 Quivira Conference

Quivira turn 20 this year and with over a million acres and 30 miles of riparian drainage benefitting from the organization we look forward to the annual meeting of the ‘radical center’.  This year the event will be held in Albuquerque November 15-17.

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Bioneers Uprising!

The 2017 Bioneers conference will be held this October 20th – 23rd in San Rafael, California.  This conference has a little something for everyone.  From keynote and workshop speakers to yoga and dance this conference is sure to entertain and inform.

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SLIDE 45: Trenchant Trenching

It’s always good to get your trenching done in one day, so you can return the rented machine quickly and save dollars. This incisive plan can be hazardous, though, for workers and others, so don’t forget your caution tape. You need to prevent any and all wanderers from serious harm as soon as the smallest of trenches (and any hole for that matter) is dug!

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Seed Savers 37th Annual Conference & Campout!

This weekend July 14-16, the 37th Annual Conference and Campout will take place in Decorah, IA. Three days of events are planned for the organization that was founded over 40 years ago. Their mission is to preserve and share heirloom varieties of seeds. 13,000 members and some 20,000 plant varieties make up the organization that is headquartered at Heritage Farm in Iowa.


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SLIDE 44: Trencher Time

The most important tool for building a porous-aggregate wick is a trencher. Here the trenches for the wicks are being dug with great efficiency, while the mainline trench for the greywater pipe cuts across this image from the orange cone to the bottom-left corner of the slide, and the storm-drain line cuts off the bottom-right corner of this slide. A keen eye will also pick up a trench (perpendicular to house), between evergreen tree at left and Carlos 9with trencher). This trench is part of the trench needed for the subsurface gopher-prevention fencing to protect the veggie garden from Eldorado’s voracious gophers). You can also vaguely see part of the trench for the wick that’s already been dug (cuts slightly off contour through middle of slide from right and down to left).

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Zia Permaculture Classes & Events

Our friends at Zia Permaculture have a summer filled with events and classes. There’s something for everyone at the Permaculture Playground. On July 15th there will be a day-long intensive on Permaculture design. Be sure to reserve your spot soon before classes fill up!


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Slow Food Nations Festival Denver

Next weekend for our friends in the Denver area there is a wide range of events planned July 14th – 16th. The Slow Foods Nations Festival has some 20 events, some of them free, so check out times and locations to see if you can attend!

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