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Cover image of Harvest The Rain book by Nate Downey

Harvest The Rain Book

by Nate Downey

Sunstone Press 2010

Nate’s fun, informative, and award-winning book is a great gift for gardeners, ecologists, or anyone who likes being resourceful and productive. With the purchase of an initial one-hour consultation, the book is FREE, or buy it now and get FREE shipping!

ISBN: 978-0-86534-495-2
$29 + tax



Quarter-Hour Landscape Design/Consultation

Quick advice by email, phone, or Skype

A 15-minute landscape consultation might be all that is needed so that you can be more confident about the direction of your project.

$37 + tax



Advice by email, phone,
Skype, or in person

A one-hour landscape consultation can often provide you with the direction and details needed to ensure your project’s success. Our initial consultations come with a FREE copy of Harvest the Rain.


Design services
via a variety of media

A six-hour landscape design package can help your project along in many ways. Sometimes conceptual options are needed. Other times detailed specifications are required. Our Six-Hour Package comes with 10% OFF off our hourly rate!


Extended and
enhanced services

A thirty-two-hour landscape design package can provide you with the concepts, details, and comprehensive cost analysis that many people prefer to have going into a project. Our Thirty-Two-Hour Package comes with 20% OFF off our hourly rate!

$148 + tax
$799 + tax
$3,789 + tax


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