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Pollution from Runoff

Great piece from Ed Williams talking about the large amount of pollution that ends up in the Rio Grande from storm runoff.  We can all do our part with to control runoff during a storm by harvesting rainwater at our homes and businesses.

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Running Strong

The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper recently created this video with me as their narrarator. Enjoy the flow!


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Rethinking Stormwater

It’s great to see a different perspective to stormwater management starting to catch on.  This valuable resource has historically been seen as a burden to municipalities, but these attitudes are starting to change.  The impervious nature of our cityscapes creates runoff, and in turn this often overloads the wastewater treatment facilities causing downstream pollution.  The solutions are many, but generally focus on redirecting stormwater to plants and infiltration systems that help recharge the often overstressed groundwater.

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Springtime and Necessary Tarp Shenanigans

Santa Fe is almost 700 miles from nearest port, but here in the high desert we batten down our hatches like Gilligan on The Minnow. Every New Mexican gardener with an itch to start early knows what I mean. You check the forecast. You overhear it at the farmers’ market. You see it on Facebook. Maybe you sense a simple tingle in your toes.

Eeeee, you realize, it’s about to get cold!

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