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PermaDesign credo

PermaDesignsm is a landscape-architecture firm for a new world. Wherever you are, we’ll help create comfortable outdoor environments packed with value. Nestled among luscious edible gardens or elegant low-maintenance landscapes, our projects usually start with “water harvesting” a critical step toward a sustainable future.


About PermaDesign

At PermaDesign, we combine technology and ecology like never before. With the aid of computerized mapping tools and a wide array of carefully selected data, we help people create beautiful, comfortable, and affordable outdoor living spaces that tend to be highly productive. At the core of the PermaDesign philosophy is a deep-rooted belief in the vast potential for productivity that every piece of property possesses. We understand that properly informed stewards are the key to releasing this potential, and it is our goal to provide these people with site-specific guidelines based on our own particular take on the ethics, principles, patterns, methods, and techniques of permaculture.

Tell Us Your Stories

Please tell us your stories about your experiences, ideas and dreams, inspirations, green times, rainwater-harvesting projects, permaculture installations, ecological landscape designs, amd/or related challenges that you, your family, community or company have come across. We'd love to hear your stories!

PermaDesign and Your Business

PermaDesign works with businesses on multiple professional levels. If you represent a business, please click here to contact us. We will request that you answer a few preliminary questions. Please know that we will want a brief description of your company’s specialty.

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