Straw Bale Composting

Straw Bales make for a great composting enclosure.  They provide a breathable yet moisture retaining environment that itself becomes compost in time.

8-12 straw bales
Loose Straw
Assorted green plant waste

Begin by arranging the bales 2 high in a “U” shape leaving on side open.  As you begin to add waste to your compost alternate 2 to 3 inch layers of loose straw for every 1 to 6 inches of green waste.  Make thinner layers for green waste that might tend to mat together and wider layers for loose waste that has more space between it such as tomato plants.  Sprinkle a layer of soil on top of each green layer.   The bales should hold together for a couple of years as the compost forms.  When the compost is harvested, recycle the straw as mulch or more compost.  Use new straw bales for a new  bin when the old one has been used up.

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