Koi Pond Pondering

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Santa Fe Water Gardens on a fish pond design/installation. Ponds need to intergrate nicely with their surrounding seating areas, paths, beds, trees, and cistern pipes, so it was good that I was there. The flat rock in the center of this shot protrudes from a steep rock bank and provides a hiding place for koi from attacking racoons. It's also well over four-feet deep to make it hard for bears to jump in for dinner. With those steep rock banks the pond itself becomes a kind of beautiful fortress.



Did you catch that metal crane-hook in that shot above? It's near the top of the picture (about four-fifths of the way over to the right). Since work like this requires a flat bed truck and a crane, it sure was good that we got Santa Fe Water Gardens in before we started the nearby cistern and landscaping. Here are a couple of other pictures of the crane in action as we install the last couple of boulders.

11/05/2012 | (2) Comments

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Ohh!! this is pretty koi painting. I love it.

Posted by koibids on February 05, 2018

This is a fantastic koi pond.

Posted by koibids on May 14, 2018





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