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Happy to see my letter in the Sunday paper--BUT shocked that its most important sentence was deleted! After the parentheses in the attached, please insert "Low-income housing topped the list of the city’s priorities, and that’s even better." The deletion alters the letter's main point which is HOUSING SHOULD BE OUR FIRST PRIORITY on the city-owned campus. Better jobs, live-work zoning, year-round food production, and alternative energy should also be incorporated into the 63-acre parcel (as well as the surrounding area), and we should also maintain a strong educational component there, but our top priority is clear.

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I use to live in El Guiche next to Seeds of Change…when the Shapiros, who I did not see as the bums they were, lived there….I am what I call an “esoteric epigeneticist” that is I am interested in promoting conscious non-toxic living. I live now in Rio Rancho and have a youth/elder program perfect for teaching what you intend. It uses Mary Lou Cook’s Living Treasures program at the end to hook kids up with elders…I am now ready for vol2…focusing on Millenial empowerment…let’s talk some time if you are interested. And on the other side of the rancho we managed, were fabulous organic gardeners, using enriched mounds. (my bs summa cum laude is in Ag). Astounding. I use my doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change to teach, I prefer co-learn, co-creative quantum skills. Youth love my work. Adults are fearful and lazy. Here is the book: Talked to a teen from a pueblo, the water clan and tho he knew lots I shared more and he was blown away. Bathing together raises oxytocin, the mother love hormone…on my blog. The research was done in NM. And dogs who bring in electrons and microbes from the earth are very good for us. Maybe we will meet sometime. Would love to do the program around digging in the earth. I am from CA. We dig this stuff.

Posted by Nancy Peden on March 27, 2018

Oh, and my ex can do way inexpensive housing but why is not the local tribal building company doing tiny houses?

Posted by Nancy Peden on March 27, 2018





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