Friends, Clients, Colleagues Bend Me an Ear: THANKS!

Nate Downey and Melissa McDonaldIn preparing to thank every New Mexico-based person, organization, and business that had a hand in the creation of my new book “Harvest the Rain,” I discovered that there are over 120 of these entities ranging from cover-art photographers Charles Mann and Jennifer Esperanza to envelope-pushing people-leaders Miguel Santistevan and Roberto Mondragon. To keep this blog post to a reasonable length, here I’ve decided to limit my thanks to a list of the locals who I did not mention in my previous post and who were also able to make it to Wednesday’s book-launch party.

In alphabetical order within each category they are:

Reese Baker
Consuelo Bokum
Bette Booth
Laura Brown
Mark Duran
Richard Jennings
Jeremiah Kidd
Tom Knoblauch
Pamela Mang
Greg Nussbaum
Patty Pantano
Doug Pushard
Peter Wilson
Xubi Wilson
Rick Word
Mary Zemach

ORGANIZATIONS (non profit):
Camino de Paz School and Farm
Earthworks Institute
Green Party of Santa Fe
Oshara Village
St. John’s College
Santa Fe Community College
Santa Fe High School
Semi-Arid Café
WildEarth Guardians

BUSINESSES (for profit):
Earthwrights Designs
Net Zero Design
Raincatcher, The
Regenesis Group
San Isidro Permaculture
Santa Fe Permaculture

Thanks to all who made my night such fun the other night. It was great celebrating with you among the greywater and rainwater harvesting systems tucked away in the backyard. Please know how much I appreciate all that you do for the betterment of this Earth! See ya soon, I hope!

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