Bill Mollison (1928 - 20016) Rest in Peace and Bloom Forever

“If you hear that I am dead tell them they lie.“ --Bill Mollison 

Today, the permaculture community mourns the bodily death of Bill Mollison, but let's remember that the *problem* of his passing provides an *opportunity* to both celebrate his essential teachings and to pass his work on to others. If civilization is to save itself from itself, it will depend on people not only spreading Mollison's legacy but also making it grow into the saving grace that it could become.

I am sorry that my deadline for my monthly "Permaculture in Practice" column has come and gone, but I look forward to spending my 500 words in the November issue on what Bill meant to me--and should mean to us all. In the meantime, in the weeks ahead please check out Nate Downey (my FB author page) for more posts about the most important person to have ever lived. I seriously think this is an arguable position, but I don't have time at the moment to make this case. Please stay tuned.

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