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SLIDE 4:  1992 Santa Fe Permaculture

Soon, we’ve moved quickly into ancient history when my work in permaculture began.

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Since 1975

Before many, there was the Agua Fria Nursery, and after 40 years they are still going strong!


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Toby Hemenway

The permaculture community mourns the loss of a brilliant writer and teacher, Toby Hemenway. The author of *Gaia's Garden* and *The Permaculture City* died Tuesday after an 18-month bout with cancer. If you don't have time for his excellent books (or even if you do!), check out this insightful 2012 essay about the paradigm-shifting nature of permaculture. With its in-depth discussion of the late-18th-century discovery of oxygen and Antoine Lavoisier's subsequent rocking of the scientific community, Hemenway explains that today's permaculture revolution resembles the revolution in chemistry which brought about a new way of thinking about the natural world. As science deniers are poised to take the helm in Washington, the time is now to brush up on the foundations of chemistry as well as on the roots of permaculture, namely, its nature-based approach to the design of human settlements.

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SLIDE 3:  The Most Important Part of My Bio

Next, of course, is the most important part of my bio.

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The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association is a great resource for people interested in things like what we do here at PermaDesign.  Whether it’s looking for products and systems or likeminded folks to collaborate with, ARCSA has an excellent array of resources available through its website.

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Weaving Land Ethic

Founded in 1982 The Aldo Leopold Foundation has preserved and promoted the legacy of one of this nation’s most important figures in environmental conservation movement.  His writings continue to inform us to this day on the responsibilities of stewardship we all hold.

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Defender of Water Rights Maude Barlow

Prolific author and activist Maude Barlow has been a consistent protector of many of the things we at PermaDesign hold to be important.  She has been at the forefront  of water issues for decades and is the founder of The Blue Planet Project.

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Do Not Drink!

Due to a missing backflow-prevention device, 300,000 people are told not to touch let alone drink their water in Corpus Christi Texas.  See the story on NPR here.

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SLIDE 2:  My Bio

This is my bio slide. It starts out blank. Then the words and images zip, sail, and float in as I briefly use each word in a sentence—and the Popeye meets Permaculture shot for a good laugh at the end.

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Wesley Roe

Our good friend Wesley Roe is always up to date with the latest permaculture news and events.  His Facebook page is filled with what's going out in the world and is a great resource to those of us who want to be informed.

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